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Roger Gust
19021 Osage Way
Garfield, AR 72732
Tel/fax: 479-359-2071
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This striper bass fish weathervane measures 42" and is made of 100% copper. It was modeled after an actual striper bass caught in Beaver Lake near Rogers Arkansas that weighed 36 lbs. The fisherman told us it took him 40 minutes to reel it in!

Currently mounted on the top of a boat dock in a beautiful secluded lake cove, the striper bass weathervane can be recreated to your specifications for roughly $5,200 for a 42" or $4,400 for a 36" model.

We can add the following finishes to your weathervane for a percentage of the weathervane's price.

Brown Patina, 15%
Black Patina, 15%
Green Patina, 20%
Gold Leaf, 35%
Partial Gold Leaf - Price depends on quantity
Antique Green Patina - 25%
Flame Kiss & Lacquered, 10%