How to Care for an Ornamental Fountain

The amount of care you will be required to provide for your fountain feature will depend greatly on the amount of debris the fountain is exposed to. If you are in a heavily wooded area, leaves can fall into some fountain wells and eventually clog the filter. 

Dust particles, blowing sand, and mud have all been known to find their way into the fountain wells to create problems. But, there are certain steps you can take to care for your fountain and keep it clean and functional with minimal effort.

Consider These Steps

  • Look at the surroundings of the fountain and take preventative measures to keep those elements from getting near the fountain.
  • Watch your water levels. If your fountain runs out of water, the motor pump could overheat and become disabled.
  • Clean your fountain at least every six months. If you are in an area where debris is high, this demand for cleaning could be as much as every month or every other week. Make sure to check the filters and take the unit apart so that the grime and algae will be removed also.
  • The great thing about unique fountains is that the little amount of periodic maintenance required is far outweighed by what they offer the look of a home or business.