Weathervane care

How to Care for Your Weathervane

The amount of time you will need to spend caring for your weathervane is going to vary based on the quality of the materials used in the weathervane. Most weathervanes, especially those made overseas or available through catalogs, are made of low quality materials held together with even lower quality solder.

By investing in a weathervane made with high grade copper welded with copper rods, your copper weathervane is held together seamlessly. At Lakeside Ornamental, creating weathervanes with this seamless copper crafting allows you to spend your time doing other things rather than having to care for your weathervane.

Once one of our weathervanes is installed and secure, there is NO maintenance. You never have to go up on the roof again.

Part of the care is not really care at all, but reliant on the quality of the installation too. Every once in a while, you’ll hire a contractor to install the weathervane for you and the person will attempt a less complete installation.

A half-way approach to installing a weathervane is a mistake and will be costly. We provide detailed and thorough instructions for installing a Lakeside Ornamental weathervane. As long as that was installed correctly, you won’t have any maintenance with these weathervanes.

Take a look at a Lakeside Ornamental weathervanes and compare the difference in quality, appearance and detail. With our weathervanes, you won’t have a care in the world.