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This creative outdoor fountain stands 3' tall and comes with pump case and 4 cat tails. The cat tail fountain is ideal for an outdoor setting that allows for a large pool of 16' in diameter and 2' deep.

Most commonly, this creative outdoor fountain would be installed outside in a landscaped or field setting, but you want to choose an area that would complement a cat tail decoration. Creative outdoor fountains like the cat tails are typically designed at 3' tall by 12" in diameter for the pump case, but can be produced to your specifications as well.

3' tall Cat Tail Fountain with 4 cat tails, pump and pump case = $1,850.

We can add the following finishes to your creative outdoor water fountain for an additional percentage of the fountain's price.

Brown Patina, 15%
Black Patina, 15%
Green Patina, 20%
Gold Leaf, 35%
Partial Gold Leaf - Price depends on quantity
Antique Green Patina - 25%
Flame Kiss & Lacquered, 10%