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Ornamental, LLC

Roger Gust
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The first step to customizing the perfect piece to complement your lifestyle and surroundings is for you to dream.

How can you visualize your weathervane or fountain after its installation? What it its functionality? What special features does it have? What comments will admirers make?

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Here are some ideas that can get your mind thinking about what custom features you would like in your Lakeside Ornamental product.

Custom Functionality

Weathervanes can be done with a turning shaft so that the weathervane AND the shaft turn and the direction marker can even be in the inside of the house and see what direction the weathervane is on the outside.

Custom Appearance

We can do some unique direction marker designs. They don't have to be the usuaul. They can be scrolled direction markers.

On finials, we can add lightening rods, and tied to a lightening rod system.

We're experience in incorporating finials into designs of weathervanes.

We can also do a wall mount and have a weathervane in a living room inside your house and make it even look like it's a couple hundred years old.

General wall art like pan faces or sun faces, meaning more designed for wall art than outdoor weathervane.

Any weathervane could be made and then split in half to be mounted on the wall.

Vented finials are possible.

I can send the weathervanes out to be gold leafed.

Custom Materials

  • Gold leaves
  • Antique gold leaves
  • colored glass into weathervane

Weathervanes can range from simple to tremendously detailed, with corresponding price increases. The most simple design is the silhouette.

A flat weathervane in aluminum or copper is the most cost effective way to beautify your home. While the aluminum silhouette is the simplest in detail and is only available in black, it is also the most economical, beginning at $300 depending on detail.

Fountain Features
Fountain features include modern sculpture to true-life organic. Materials include copper, bronze and stainless steel. The most popular designs are of flowers or trees.

These are a perfect addition to your water garden or just a sculpture to accent your rock garden. Prices are subject to the amount of detail.

Iron Work
Our customer ironwork includes gates and fencing, railings, fireplace screens, tables, lamps and much more. The designs can be simple to elaborate.

Finials are roof peak accents, typically made of copper. They can be used as lightening protection, if properly grounded. Wheather you have a finial by itself or in conjuction with a weathervane, it adds a new dimension to your house, garage, shed or gazebo.