Hand-Made Wrought Iron Gate

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This copper outdoor water fountain projects an 8' wide spray and can even accommodate a water spray jet on the top, allowing for multiple spray patterns. Made of 100% fine copper, we call this outdoor water fountain "The Tulip" for its tulip looking shape.

Most commonly, this outdoor fountain would be installed outside in a garden or landscaped setting, but you want to choose an area that will allow for a rather large water reservoir pool of at least 10' in diameter. Outdoor water fountains like the tulip are typically designed at 20", 28", or 36" in diameter, but, can be produced to your specifications as well.

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We can add the following finishes to your striper bass weathervane for a percentage of the weathervane's price.

Brown Patina, 15%
Black Patina, 15%
Green Patina, 20%
Gold Leaf, 35%
Partial Gold Leaf – Price depends on quantity
Antique Green Patina – 25%
Flame Kiss & Lacquered, 10%


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