Sailboat Weathervane

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This sailboat weathervane measures 45" tall x 38" long and is made of copper, bronze and stainless steel. It was modeled after the client's actual sailboat.  The stainless steel substructure allows the sailboat to withstand 100+MPH winds.

Currently mounted on the top of Ventris Trail's End Resort and Restaurant Garfield, AR.  The sailboat weathervane is an original design which cannot be identically replicated.  However a sailboat weathervane can be made to resemble your sailboat.

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We can add the following finishes to your striper bass weathervane for a percentage of the weathervane's price.

Brown Patina, 15%
Black Patina, 15%
Green Patina, 20%
Gold Leaf, 35%
Partial Gold Leaf – Price depends on quantity
Antique Green Patina – 25%
Flame Kiss & Lacquered, 10%


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