Artisan Metal work specializing in copper decorative items

lakeside ornamental

Hand Crafted Copper

Looking for a weathervane that will last a lifetime?

Whether it is custom weathervanes, finials, fountain features, or any other form of ornamental metal work, we take great care to assured that your project will more than meet its specifications.

  • You have direct access to your own personal artisan, metal smith, and engineer for the entire duration of your project.
  • During the design process, I will help you to create a work that harmonizes with your lifestyle.
  • Following your approval a project schedule is implemented.
  • Every item is produced by hand to exacting specifications requested by the client.  Weathervanes, for instance, can be designed and constructed to withstand 100 mph winds!
  • Upon completion of the project, it can be securely packed and shipped to the location of your choosing or the option for hand delivery is available.

Our Design Process

Choosing the right weathervane, finial, fountain, or iron work for a home or business is an important decision.

With more than 45 years working in the ornamental manufacturing business, I can help you customize a unique piece of art that will exceed your expectations.

You will be involved in the design process from the beginning until completion.  Your handcrafted weathervane will be designed and engineered to out perform and outlast any mass manufactured product.


I only use the best materials to maintain the quality and structural integrity of your project. 

This ensures that your investment will last a lifetime and be enjoyed by generations to come.

All elements of your project are proudly crafted in the United States using only the highest quality materials.